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Dr. Bruns, a Dawsonville GA chiropractor, completed her animal adjusting coursework. Does my animal need chiropractic care? Yes! Our furry friends run, jump, play and fall just like humans do. Their musculoskeletal systems need to be managed too!

Why would my pet need a chiropractor?

Chiropractic Dawsonville GA Dog Chiropractic CareHave you ever noticed your dog or horse feeling “off”? Maybe they are limping or don’t want to participate in activities that they normally do. Spinal fixations can lead to pain, hypersensitivity, muscle spasms, lameness, and abnormal gait patterns. Chiropractic can improve the quality of life and optimize health for your animal.

What does a certified animal chiropractor do?

Chiropractic Dawsonville GA Dog Chiropractic CareA certified animal chiropractor has taken the training required to detect and correct spinal misalignments in animal species. Once found, vertebral subluxations are adjusted by the chiropractor to help restore normal range of motion within the affected joint area. The goal of animal chiropractic care is to restore correct function and mobility to fixated spinal joints. This
will facilitate symmetry of movement in the animal.

Animal Chiropractic Care in Dawsonville

Chiropractic Dawsonville GA Horse Chiropractic Care

Animal chiropractic is a modern and comprehensive healthcare system. The highest quality healthcare for animals includes routine chiropractic treatment. Animal chiropractic does not replace the need for traditional medical veterinary care. Instead, animal chiropractic is the perfect complement to regular veterinary care. Integrating the best of both healthcare methods results in maximum positive outcomes for the animal’s health! The goal of animal chiropractic healthcare is to reduce pain and dysfunction while also improving performance and overall health in our animal friends, from companion pets to serious athletic competitors!

How Can Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic Dawsonville GA Horse Chiropractic CareAnimals have spines and nervous systems too! Dogs, cats and horses can benefit from chiropractic care. Animals, like humans, can experience health benefits from chiropractic care. Most of the time, owners observe posture and gait changes with their animals. A dog might start limping or favoring stepping on one leg. With horses, riders will notice when their horse doesn't pick up a correct lead, or their horse becomes unwilling to perform certain movements. Animal chiropractic can help improve overall health and performance, help relieve pain, increase healing, and help an animal recover from an injury faster.

The purpose of adjusting animals is to improve central nervous system integration. Incoming signals to the brain affect motor impulses that control muscle movement, posture and gait. Adjustments alter how the brain processes incoming and outgoing nerve signals to control the systems of the body. This includes musculoskeletal health and function, immune responses and autonomic nervous system control.

The AVCA was established in 1989 as the certifying agency for doctors that perform chiropractic care on animals. The anatomy of animals is very different than humans, so it requires hundreds of hours of coursework to learn animal anatomy and physiology and adjusting techniques. Veterinarians or chiropractors can complete the extra training required to become certified to adjust animals.

Competition animals and family pets can benefit from chiropractic care!


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